Solution for your Online Commerce

There is a vast number of solutions for Online Selling available on the Internet today. Some are free, some are commercial.
Our Web Shop solution is different from others in the fact that our Web Shop application is centered in the middle of the network of connected applications. All those applications together are meant to solve the buisness problem of Electronic Commerce.

MyWebStore.Net Web Shop is a system for Online Selling and is the basis of our solution offering. As for Retail Web Shops, and for the Wholesale Shops and Online Distribution systems.
From many functionalities of our system we'd like to emphasise the multi-language & multy-currency capabilities and advanced product filtering and product side-by-side comparison features. Find out more

Online Business Automation

The real E-Commerce system cannot be imagined without the integration with company's backend system. Integration with your ERP & CRM systems makes your Web Shop management even possible. The product prices, warehouse stocking, the partners and their purchasing conditions need to be synchronized with your Web Store.
Document integration manages the flow of the business information between all systems.

Our MyWebStore.PriceNet integration platform allow the Retail merchant to be seamlesly integrated with their Supplier catalogue, publishing information to the own ERP system or directly the the Web Shop.
As a Distributor you can publish your product catalogue and other purchasing conditions to your purchasing Partners for their integration use. Find out more

Boosting Sales

The system offers various tools for improving your sales results. Using various PromoCode and Voucher functionalities you can tailor your targeted promotions, and publish them through Facebook, Banners or printed materials.
Our comprehensive Loyalty System can be customized to suite Merchant and Market needs, so that valued customers can see their benefits. It can be used both Online and in the Physical stores.

Out Newsletter e-mail management system is integrated with all our subsystems. It can serve as a marketing tool for both Web Shop buyers and Loyalty users. You can link the Newsletter e-mail promotions to certain products, product categories or Merchant Salespoint where loyal buyer often purchases goods. Find out more

E-Commerce Security

In MyWebStore.Net we pay very much attention to securing our solution and services. We invested great efforts to make our solution compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS standard defines the most modern rules in protection of personal, transaction and credit card data.

One of the basis of our Security strategy is the partnership with Comodo Group, Inc., the world leading supplier of Security products and services.
For large Wholesale or Distribution projects we suggest implementing user authentication using SSL client certificates. Find out more

Our complete Product and Service offering in a nutshell

Product and Service Offering

What our Enterprise users say about us...

  • For several years I worked with Sistrum Ltd. (My-Web-Store.Net) from the company I was empleyed in. The level of professionalism, speed and quality of the work is the extremely at high level for all the time of our collaboration.

    Now that I'm starting my own company, I just chose them to help us create a web store that fully meets the high standards that we want to accomplish. Whether it is on the end customer, or our wholesale partner.
    Dalibor Vukašinović
    CEO, Lacertus Verbum Ltd.
  • Ten years ago when MTN started as one of the first customers we recognized that MTN great choice for us. During the last ten years we have good cooperation and support from MTN and that's why we will continue to cooperate with joy. Tomislav Šimić
    CEO, Aspecto Ltd.
  • We cooperate with the company My-Web-Store.Net since 2008. During all these years of working together we have always been satisfied with the quality of service.

    The team is flexible, reliable, everything is always delivered in a given period, and what I consider to be particularly important, they are continuously improving their services. They are creative and their ideas give an important contribution to the functioning of my bookstore website. And finally, but not less important - the price of the service is affordable, and the relationship, although professional, very friendly.
    Raul Švarc
    CEO, strip-knjižara “Stripovi na kvadrat” Ltd.
  • Correctly, quickly, professionally. These three qualities I would note in our long association with My-Web-Store.Net.

    Each of our idea about the changes and the implementation of new features on our website is done extremely quickly and efficiently, with superior suggestions from professional staff of My-Web-Store.Net.

    Today, when time is money, it is extremely important to have partners who understand your business and look at all of the common challenges and resolve them through the three above-mentioned qualities.
    Ivan Škorić
    retail manager, Europatrade Ltd.
  • My-Web-Store.Net developed a complex solution for our web store according to our specifications, which we consider the most advanced in our industry, fully integrated with our ERP system. This has enabled us to achieve a leading position on the Croatian market, and also on the Romanian market with a fully localized online store in Romanian language.

    I would also like to emphasize experience of My-Web-Store.Net in online business and a willingness to create a custom-made solutions, no matter how complicated it was.
    Igor Novak
    CEO, Pet centar Ltd.
  • Guys, thanx once again for the work done. As always innovative, fast and efficient.
    In addition (which I must admit in your IT world quite rare) and kind.
    In a word, you're really "My Web Store".
    Robert Škeljo
    CEO, G.M.C. Ltd.
  • My-Web-Store.Net the right partner who primarily looks at the business interests of its clients and acts directlly toward long-term joint cooperation.
    We have always received fair and correct approach for all joint projects from Sinisa and his team, tips and guidelines with which they fully confirmed our confidence in them and they become a true backbone in our business . In particular, I would like to emphasize the quick response to our requests and inquiries during our daily operations, which for us as a retailer with a website trade is of great importance.
    Vesna Ramljak
    CEO, Sancta domenica Ltd.
  • We found out, through the word of mouth, that best online store solution has the company My-Web-Store.Net. The name itself gave us the impression that people there are professionally engaged in E-Commerce, they don't deal with the establishment of associations, by creating socially responsible opinions or advices on how to gain the European funds ... and when there's nothing to do hey will develop a web portal.

    In fact the latter occurs to me countless times and they have objections to our website, and then I say: "OK, if you think you can do better, go do it, and if I'm satisfied, and I'll be happy when I see it numerically, accept and pay any offer..."
    Then they do not answer.

    The biggest advantage of the company, and also the problems of larger expansion of My-Web-Store.Net is that thev've set a strong "firewall" in negotiation and selection of partners for the future. Anyone who manages to qualify to negotiate to the end and accept their many (at first glance) hard requirements, is to be satisfied in the long run.

    All the sites that we have created work seamlessly with minor interventions that occur when new circumstances occur, the state again return to the desired level.
    To all prospective customers I would recommend the company My-Web-Store.Net.
    Željko Brigljević
    CEO, Makromikro Ltd.
  • A great team always in the mood for discussion and cooperation! In addition to fast and excellent realization of ideas, always willing to help with advice and vast experience.

    All investments in the web store have paid off many times!
    Goran Sokolić
    CEO, Trgo-Agencija Ltd.
  • In the cooperation with My-Web-Store.Net so far, we came across a courtesy, professionalism and high level of adaptability to the needs of our Company. I can honestly say that My-Web-Store.Net exceeded all our expectations and warmly recommend them to all companies that are considering implementing E-commerce solutions. I must particularly commend their speed in executing all our demands. Zvonimir Kamber
    CEO, Sport & Moda Ltd.
  • Since we are in business with retail and wholesale piercing jewelry and tattoo equipment, we are working with company MTN, that manages our Web shop and provides technical support for over 5 years.
    The MTN successfully met all our requirements to create a web shop which fully corresponds to the specifics of our profession, the vast number of items we offer and the particular way in which these items are connected. Therefore our web shop is clear, easy to use and helps customers in finding them appropriate items.
    Due to the speed and reliability of their technical support, our web shop works without delay and trouble from the very start.
    Ninoslav & Ana Zelenović
    CEO, Zele grupa Ltd.
  • I want to hereby express my thanx to the team of My-Web-Store.Net and Sinisa Cvjetković, for the creativity, innovation and enthusiasm. They are certainly one of the best developers in the area of Interenet with whom we worked as Technomax mega-center.
    Since we were once leaders in the technical sector and retail, all ideas and news was the premise of our business, and so it was Internet business and web shop so crucial, and one of our strongest advantages in sales.
    Implementation of requirements and desires set by Technomax megastores was a challenge, but for Sinisa's team is was a pleasure to implement. Yes, I can see that some of my ideas are now contained in the web portals and web shops in Croatia.
    Thank you Sinisa for your cooperation and support, but also support today...
    Miro Petravić
    CEO, Renoprom Ltd. (Technomax)