Comprehensive tools for improving your Sales results

Our goal is very simple: To provide the quality solution that our customers will use to achieve their Sales targets.

Newsletter Manager

We want to give you the means to connect to your customers in real time. We developed the e-mail Newsletter system so your customers will never be left off the information you want to communicate.
Our Newsletter system is integrated in the entire solution and can feed from it.
It will generate the mailing lists from the people that made the purchase on your Web Shop, the customers in your Loyalty program, specially selected customers that bought certain products or by any other rule you think of.

Using this system, we enable you to keep your customers notified of the changes in your offering, special actions and offers, distribution of Promo Codes and Vouchers, or the announcements of you incoming new products.

Loyalty Program

Connect your Online and "Offline" stores into the unique experience for your customers. Make them feel special by offering them your Loyalty card and special offers, or give them the means to collect buying points so that he can someday earn various discounts on the Web and in the physical store.

Promo Codes and Vouchers

Promo Codes and Vouchers present the great way to make your customers happy in your store. Promo Codes have proved to be a great Sales generator.
Our Promo Code functionality can be tailored in many ways. It can be defined on one product, several (list of) products or the entire catalogue. It can be unique or group Promo Codes. It can be spent once or several times.
We've implemented some solutions where complementary merchants want to offer their products together. For that purpose one merchant issues the Voucher in his store for the discount in another store. What the great way to boost both of your Sales.

Depending on your action plans our system can support your Promo Code needs, thus making your customers happy and wanting to return more to your Web Shop.