MyWebStore.Net E-Commerce system: Feature List

This is not the entire feature list. Rather it lists the most important features, or the features most companies explicitly asked us for.

Basic features

  • Unlimited number of products and product groups
  • Product group hierarchy with unlimited number of levels
  • Placing products in multiple categories
  • Product variants: Master product and independent Variants
  • Large number od Product Types, with predefined product attributes
  • Expandable product attributes (images, video, measure units, predefined attribute lists)
  • Product cloning to ease catalogue management
  • Attribute copying from one product to another
  • Attribute copying from Master product to Variants
  • Every product can contain unlimited number of additional images, files, links, multimedia contents, YouTube movies...
  • URL rewriting for products and categories - product name contained in the URL
  • Product stocking on multiple stocks; implementing business rules according to product stocking

Basic promo tools

  • Multiple product action prices, time dependent
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell promotions
  • Discount calculating per order item or per entire order
  • Custom promotion implementation
  • Specialized discounted product lists
  • Product custom lists: top 5, new products, thematic product lists, etc.
  • Send the product inquiry
  • Send the link / Suggest the product to a friend
  • Automatic Files selling: automatic download after successful payment

Besides the Basic, our solution contains the advanced Promo tools: Newsletter Manager, Loyalty Program, Promo Codes / Vouchers, ...

Online Payment

  • Arbitrary number of payment types
  • Payment types supported: Money transfer, cash on delivery, Credit cards
  • Credit card payments: American Express, Diners, MasterCard, VISA
  • Credit cards supported per specified country and/or Bank/Payment processor

Credit card information protected with valid digital SSL certificate.

Delivery, Shipping and Handling

  • Shipment calculation options according to the Order amount, gross weight, amount levels
  • Definition of shipping costs according to buyers geographical location
  • Shipping & Handling calculation according to your or courier service's custom formulas

Advanced Order Tracking

  • Arbitrary number of order statuses
  • Automatic or manual e-mail customer notifications
  • Status changes can trigger various actions in Web Shop
  • Status changes can trigger various actions in other systems
  • Order Tracking system integration with Courier services

Order management

  • Automatic merchant e-mail notification about the new Order
  • Automatic buyer e-mail confirmation
  • Basic and Advanced Order Tracking by Order status management
  • Order approval or cancellation
  • Geographical buyer location for credit card payments
  • Order or Packing-slip printing
  • One-click credit card transaction charging
  • Additional merchant fraud protection: detailed transaction log view

Web Shop graphic design

  • Custom design according to customer wishes and/or specifications
  • Seamless integration into existing web system
  • Extending the Web Shop solution with arbitrary web pages with content control
  • Corporate presentation: photo galleries, google maps, contact forms...
  • Direct communication with buyers on the web pages

Web Shop management

  • Basic management tool is the systems "Control pannel", the administration interface for Web shop management
  • Fully automated systems use customers ERP systems to manage the Web Shop
  • Additional systems can be integrated, like ERP Extender - MyWebShop.Net solution for extending the ERP functionality

More about the systems integration is described in our automation section.