Online Business automation

Active Catalogue

We developed fully automated and transparent product data synchronization between your Business Systems (ERP...) and your Web Shop, so your data can always be current to your Online buyers.

The full synchronization is typically made once a day, but partial updates can be set-up more often.

Online Stocks

Typical automated scenarios (Retail or Distribution) include the very important updates of product stock data. This is also managed by fully automated and transparent data synchronization. Certain systems can also be implemented using stock checks in real time.

Product stock data is presented to your customers the way you like it. Also several business rules can be implemented in regards to availability data.

Partners, Rebate and other conditions

Wholesale Online store system is an image of your network of Partners and Buyers. To ensure that, we designed our system so that you can define your buyers as partners, grouping or partners, and defining and applying the Rebate policies to both of these.

In most cases, this information already exists in your Business system, we have developed the procedures and methods for synchronization of these data and the implementation into the Online system.

To ensure the application of various Rebate policies, we developed the sophisticated Basket Pipeline, the subsystem within the Web Shop that servers in the Order Processing tasks as the means for implementing virtually and Business Rules.

Web Documents

After the successful Order placement, the series of documents are created which we manage in our Web Documents module.

Besides the Web Shop internal Order record, our system sends the e-mail notification about the new Order. If your system permits, it will also store the document in your ERP system.

Document web create can be of any type: Retail or Wholesale Invoice, Offer or any other document supported by your ERP system or your business need.


We created the PriceNet system to simplify connecting your system to the system of your suppliers. PriceNet is a complex module for automating the work with Distributors product catalogues and their constant catalogue changes.

PriceNet can be used if you're both Retail Shop with lots of suppliers, or when you're the Distributor having lots of Retail customers. Both parties get the unique-formatted data, and the integration to Partners web systems is very much simplified.

Find out more of integration of your business system with the PriceNet network.