PriceNet: Supply-Chain automation

What is PriceNet?

Business today is very fast. To survive on the market today, you need to act fast. In a world of connected applications today, it is imperative to maximize the automation of your business in every possible way. Automation is the only way you'll maximize the performance of your processes, people and the business in general, while minimizing the errors.
OK, enough of this generic mumbo-jumbo, let's get real...


PriceNet is the system that helps various types of merchant to automate their processes.

PriceNet diagram

PriceNet manages several processes, by exchanging data between supplier's and partner's systems:

  • Suppliers Price Lists
  • Suppliers Warehouse stockings
  • Partners prices and rebates
  • Partners conditions and limitations
  • Various documents (Purchase orders...) from Partner to Supplier
  • Various documents (Invoices...) from Supplier to Partner
  • Order Tracking & Status information
  • ...

PriceNet primarily uses XML format to communicate all the information between Suppliers and Partners. It is built so that it can receive virtually any document format and convert it to any output format, in any direction.


PriceNet allows Suppliers and Distributors to have already tested system for Partner support. Integrating PriceNet to Suppliers ERP (or CRM) system, gives you the possibility to easier control and manage your Partners Supply-chain. It can drastically reduce your costs in people and IT staff required to support Partners and reduces the number of errors in standard phone/email ordering.

Partners (Retailers)

PriceNet makes it possible for Retailers to easy connect to Suppliers catalogues, in a unified manner, and to control the selling conditions.
Partner can integrate their Suppliers catalogues directly to the Web Shop system, or directly to the ERP system. By using MyWebStore.Net system, the synchronization system can be modified or configured in a number of ways best suited for merchant needs.



This is the concept behind the PriceNet system. PriceNet is already in production use in various scenarios in Croatian companies. For a project that use PriceNet system, please Contact us, and we can schedule a phone call or presentation that will give you as a potential users a broader view of the system and it's usage.