Pet centar

Pet centar is the largest supplier of food and equipment for Pet products in Croatia, and one of the largest suppliers in region. With several large stores in Croatia, Pet centar also operates in countries such as Serbia and Romania.
Project includes the development and implementation of three (3) Retail Web Shops for each country - Croatia, Serbia and Romania. Advanced product search and filtering is implemented by using OLAP technology.
Catalogue consistency is maintained by automatic synchronization with client ERP system, and includes warehouse stockings and ERP Document integration. The stock information is maintained current using one-hour synchronization between systems.
Two-way document integration is implemented to assure that the Order Tracking statuses are current. Also the Currier service is a part of Order Tracking and shipping and handling processes.
The most comprehensive Promo Code functionalities are implemented, supporting marketing through Web, e-mail Newsletter, Magazines & Newspapers and Facebook channel. Promo Code marketing generated great sales results so far and new Promo Code actions are constantly in the works.


Advanced product lists

Product filering and navigation

Product details

Variant choosing