Sancta Domenica

Sancta Domenica is two-brand Retailer and Distributor, supporting Sony and Samsung. Being number one in Sony distribution for many years, it runs many stores throughout the country.
Project comprises of implementation of the largest Sony Web store in the region, advanced product filtering, side-by-side comparison features and great web design. The Web store caught the eye of Sony Europe office, which presented the Web store as the model Web store for all European Sony distributors.
Catalogue consistency is maintained by automatic synchronization with client ERP system, and includes warehouse stockings information.
Basic product data is mainly maintained in the ERP system. Product attributes and other product data is provided by MyWebStore.PriceNet.
For other data, that could not be maintained in the ERP, we implemented our ERP Extender solution which enables the customer to provide additional data that the ERP solution cannot keep but are crucial for Web Shop functionality.
Comprehensive Loyalty system is implemented to the customer, supporting his business and stores. Loyalty system is integrated with the customers ERP system and it generates various reports so that the merchant can successfully follow his buyers.


Products filtering

Side-by-side comparison