Why us, and not someone else

We are E-Commerce. We are the E-Commerce specialists with the most experience in the market.
We have selected 10 most important facts why you should be working with us as a partner.

  1. We don't talk to you in IT language – we speak the business language of commerce
  2. We always give consulting and “best-practice” ideas throughout the project
  3. Turn-key-solution: you have your ERP and you have us, no need for third party
  4. PayMaster – integrated credit card payment without our charges (Croatia)
  5. Killer design and adaptability for all the devices
  6. Integration with your business systems
  7. Automatization of all that can be automatized
  8. Excellent support and maintenance
  9. Supporting the company growth and the changes in the market
  10. Long term partnership and satisfaction: Ask our partners
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